We work with digital startups and policymakers to create better policy for the digital economy.

Founded by tech entrepreneurs, The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) is a non-profit that campaigns for policies to support digital startups in the UK. We conduct research, host events, and run campaigns on behalf of the UK’s startup community.

Digital startups matter to the UK – they are an important source of innovation, jobs and growth. The UK’s digital economy is the fastest growing in the G20 and already makes up over 8% of GDP.

The UK should be the best place in the world to launch and grow a digital startup. That is why we campaign for policies to support the digital economy, calling for the government to:

  • Improve access to finance
  • Improve access to talent
  • Build world class digital infrastructure
  • Bring laws and regulations into the 21st Century
  • Use digital government to unlock innovation


The week in startup policy

15 May 2015

Conservatives win election Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last week you'll probably know already that David Cameron is back in 10 Downing Street, this time with a Conservative majority in parliament. Here's our quick take on what it means for startups - link. New ministers appointed There has been a reshuffle with new ministers appointed. Here's the full list -  Read more


15 May 2015

David Cameron has now finished (we think) appointing his ministerial team. Here are some of the ministers to watch on startups and tech issues: George Osborne remained Chancellor of the Exchequer. He's previously been engaged on tech and startup issues, including a focus on broadband funding, tax reliefs on early stage investment,  and support for fintech. His big project currently is...

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