We work with digital startups and policymakers to create better policy for the digital economy.

Founded by tech entrepreneurs, The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) is a non-profit that campaigns for policies to support digital startups in the UK. We conduct research, host events, and run campaigns on behalf of the UK’s startup community.

Digital startups matter to the UK – they are an important source of innovation, jobs and growth. The UK’s digital economy is the largest and fastest growing in the G20 and already makes up over 10% of GDP, and employees over 1.4 million people.

The UK should be the best place in the world to launch and grow a digital startup. That is why we campaign for policies to support the digital economy, including calling for the government to:

  • Improve access to finance
  • Improve access to talent
  • Build world class digital infrastructure
  • Bring laws and regulations into the 21st Century
  • Use digital government to unlock innovation

For example, we have published a Startup Manifesto ahead of the 2015 elections, ran campaigns on skilled immigration, led delegations of startup founders to Brussels, and submitted ideas for the Government’s Digital Strategy.

Coadec was founded in 2010 by Mike Butcher and others in the startup community, to ensure that startups had a voice in UK policymaking.


Coadec joins forces with business groups to represent tech startups post Brexit

3 July 2016

Coadec is among a cohort of small business representative groups that have joined forces to offer a consistent line of support to startups, small firms and the self-employed following the EU referendum. In a meeting on 28 June, we agreed to coordinate our efforts in the interests of offering positive reassurance to small businesses. We've joined Enterprise Nation, the Federation of...

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Let's play chess, not lucky dip, with our future

21 June 2016

Alex Depledge MBE, Chair of Coadec, says that the rational argument for staying in the EU is failing to reach voters and in life, as in chess, forethought over emotion should always win the day. Two days to go and Britain’s future is on the line. Yet the public debate is still worryingly removed from the everyday, rational concerns of the majority of voters. On both sides of the fence,...

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Welcome blog by Coadec's new Executive Director, Romilly Dennys

20 June 2016 |

I am delighted to join Coadec, the Coalition for a Digital Economy, as Executive Director and continue Guy’s brilliant work to champion startups and the digital economy. A few highlights include Guy’s startup manifesto, backed by over 200 startups and investors, the campaign to #saveskilledimmigration and the delegations he led to advise startups in Europe. Founded by tech...

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