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After a successful meeting last week, Coadec has decided to focus its energies on two fronts in the short-term:

1.  Supporting efforts to get the Digital Economy Act repealed.

2.  Participating in the consultation processes on how the Act is implemented.

It’s on this second front that we think we can have the most influence:  the same moneyed powers that got the law on the books are going to fight hard to keep it there, but devil will be in the details of how it is implemented, and we can have a say on that. We will work alongside other groups that advocate openness in the digital economy (including libertarian organisations like Open Rights Group and large technology firms like Google) by serving as the voice of the tech startup/SME community. Our goal will be to make Parliament and Ofcom understand how entrepreneurial innovation actually happens and that if they want small, technological businesses to play a role in the British economy–as they claim they do–they need to implement the law in a sensible and workable manner.

If you support this goal, please join our supporters list here:  No time, money or effort is involved, but the more people we have behind us from as wide a range of roles in the digital economy, the more likely the powers that be will listen to us.

We’ll keep posting updates and opportunities to get involved, and if you haven’t done so already please join our Facebook group (The Coalition for a Digital Economy) and follow us on Twitter (@Coadec).

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