The Manifesto has been welcomed by top politicians:

Chuka Umunna MP (Shadow Business Secretary)

“We want to see more people starting up, leading and working in business and the creation of high-skilled, better-paid jobs. Britain’s burgeoning digital economy has a huge role to play in meeting both of these challenges, and that’s why Coadec’s manifesto is right to emphasise the importance of digital startups as well as the need to foster digital skills.”

Matthew Hancock MP (Minister of State at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills)

“There’s no doubt there is yet more to do and we will scour any proposals to make Britain the best place in the world to start and grow a business” (link)

Take a look at what some of the UK’s leading startup founders and investors are saying about the Startup Manifesto.

Damian Kimmelman (Founder and CEO, DueDil)

“Coadec’s brilliant Startup Manifesto makes 24 imaginative and precise recommendations to support those startups and secure Britain’s future as the world’s tech hub. The Startup Manifesto should be compulsory reading in the corridors of power and in communities across Britain. If adopted, these recommendations would give us the edge we’ll need in a hyper-competitive global economy

Debbie Wosskow (Founder, LoveHomeSwap)

‘The Startup Manifesto is a roadmap for how the next government can make Britain lead the world on digital innovation.’

Gerard Grech (CEO, Tech City UK)

“The UK’s digital economy has seen impressive growth but it is important that we continue to build on our recent successes. It is great to see the work of Coadec complementing that of organisations such as Tech City UK. By shinning a spotlight on the key priorities for digital businesses, we can work together to support the needs of Britain’s entrepreneurs and the continued growth of the UK’s technology sector.”

Henry de Zoete (Co-founder, The Big Deal)

‘Startups in the UK are thriving, but it’s vital that politicians continue to support them. The Startup Manifesto shows what the next government needs to do to make the UK the best place in the world for startups.’

Jennifer Arcuri (Founder, InnoTech Summit)

‘The Startup Manifesto is key to establishing policy with a digital government who understands the needs of a startup environment. As a interlocking force between policymakers and the startup community, the Start Up manifesto serves as the framework for facilitating growth in a very “pro business” Britain.’

Jon Bradford (MD, Techstars London)

“Coadec’s Startup Manifesto is a exceptionally important document at a pivot point in the evolution of the tech sector in the UK. Over the last four years, the government has done a huge amount to nurture the startup ecosystem, with the result that we now have THE most vibrant and successful startup cluster outside of the US and regularly being touted as the key rival to New York.

But now is an important juncture: if we are to continue on this path of growth, we need to consolidate the accomplishments to date. The Startup Manifesto does an outstanding job of identifying and making the case for what needs to happen for Britain’s startup ecosystem to go from early traction to world-beating success.”

Rajeeb Dey (Founder, Enternships)

“Access to finance and access to talent are usually cited as the top two barrier to growth for startups. Ensuring we have a strong talent pipeline ready for the exciting and challenging opportunities available in startups is one of the key determinants of the prosperity of the startup ecosystem. At Enternships we work with over 6000 startups and see the vast array of job roles available and the fact that employers are struggling to fill certain roles in a climate where unemployment levels are high is a indictment to the fact our education system needs to change. The StartUp Manifesto has 8 tangible suggestions around how we can both nurture future talent and ensure maximum talent mobility around the world and I encourage governments to take note if they are committed to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystems in their nations.”

Raph Crouan (MD, StartupBootCamp IoT)

‘We’ve all heard stories behind some of the success in Shoreditch and the growth of the startup ecosystem around the Silicon Roundabout, but this is just the tip of the iceberg and the effort in pushing the UK digital agenda for startups, facilitating the access to capital & improving the on-boarding of talents is now more than ever important! Coadec’s Startup Manifesto is a fantastically detailed document doing just that and should become a reference in future policies. Highly recommend read!’

Richard Gibson (CFO, SwiftKey)

“Supporting entrepreneurs and the companies they build is vital to job creation and innovation. We believe the UK is a great place to start and scale a business and we want it to remain so. SwiftKey has created more than 130 jobs in the UK and our keyboard software is on more than 200 million devices worldwide to date. But tech is a fast-moving industry and there are ways the UK could better compete. For example, companies like SwiftKey need to hire engineers fluent in foreign languages and that process could be streamlined to enable us to move quickly. We hope all the parties take note of this manifesto and work with us to help the UK tech sector flourish.”

Richard Moross (Founder,

“When you’re starting up a business you have a lot riding on its success.  It’s not easy, and what you need at that time is as much support and as many opportunities that you can get your hands on to ensure its success. There are some brilliant success stories that have come from the UK start-up scene, but we shouldn’t stop there. It’s important that we are nurturing new ideas and talent as entrepreneurs work tirelessly to get their ideas off the ground. Its vital we help them to bring their ideas to life and make a living, not just for themselves but for the hundreds of people they just may take along with them.”

Robin Klein (Partner, Index Ventures)

“The progress made during the past few years towards making the UK the best place in the world to start and run a company has been significant. It can be seen in the rapid rise of people starting companies and the rude health of the technology enabled sector. There is however much more to be done. This manifesto is packed with practical ideas which in the aggregate would make further meaningful strides towards the UK’s goal.”

Russ Shaw (Founder, Tech London Advocates)

“Recent growth and a series of successful exits means 2014 will be remembered as London tech’s coming of age. However, as outlined in the Startup Manifesto, roadblocks remain which threaten to undermine our progress”

Russell Gould (Managing Director, Everline)

“While this Government has taken important steps to encourage disruptive innovation and digital growth, the Startup Manifesto should serve as a further platform for change.

‘We welcome not only the recommendations it makes but also the vital debate the Manifesto should spark about the future of digital policy in the UK”.

Saul Klein (Partner, Index Ventures)

“The Startup Manifesto is a timely reminder from the tech community to all the parties drafting their own election manifestos. As a country we’re ahead of most other nations, but we can’t stand still”

Tom Raffe (Founder, Screenburn)

‘We are proud to support Coadec’s Startup Manifesto. The UK is fast becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting places to start a tech company and much has been achieved already but there is still tremendous potential for the UK to lead the world in innovation.

‘It is vital that we demonstrate to both the Government and the public just how digital startups can continue to pave the way for future economic growth by creating jobs, developing new technologies and increasing international trade.

‘Computing in schools is an issue I’m particularly interested in as we need to continue to produce first class developers in order to complete on a global level.  It will be essential to have a thorough review of ICT education in schools in order to plan for the future.’